I help Startups with growth from Idea to Execution


What I Do

I help startups to turn into profitable businesses.  Strategic consults for startups, and helps them use the available resources to generate traction, revenue, profitability and their overall bottom lines.

I Mentor.

I mentor startups to take them from inception of Idea to first round of Funding. 

I Consult.

I consult startups on with their Business Plans, Financial Model, Pitch Deck and Fundraising Grooming.

I Write.

Yes, I do write about Startups and Entrepreneurship trends. Discussion hot topics of the Startup Ecosystem and future. 

Need Advice?

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My Courses

Taking the first step is always the hardest. Starting Up for First Time Founders / Early Stage Entrepreneurs is never easy. To make it less cumbersome and decrease the chances of failures, with Startup School developed Startup Bootcamp. Which is further divided into four modules. Can be taken together or Individual Modules

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Sivesh Kumar, your session was insightful. As early stage entrepreneurs we even often have many assumptions and myths due to which we either delay or drop the idea. After your session today, now everything makes sense. I am eagerly waiting for the next session. Startup Monk

Sai Hruday Mudam

My Story

Started my entrepreneurial journey quite young. Started with first venture straight out of college, ran it for almost an year then it eventually died. Started again | Failed. Third time lucky – Raised a Startup and took a good EXIT.

For last decade working in Startup Ecosystem helping startups at idea stage to generate traction and early revenue. Presently holding following position:

Founder & CEO : Startup Monk

COO : Mitwa TV 

Founding Partner : O2 VC Fund

Served as Mentor for several Incubation Centers, Business Plan Sessions, Bootcamps across India like IIT Bombay, IIT KGP, IIM, DTU, SNU, IMT etc. 

Part of Jury Panel for Investor Pitches / Demo Day of AIC, IIFT, DU etc. A Keynote Speaker, also spoken at TEDx. Angel Investor ( not so active now ).  


Sivesh Kumar


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