About Sivesh

My Story

Born and brought up in a small town.  Luckily was born in the family bureaucratic family, bunch of civil servants, Army Officers, IITians, Doctors and P.hd. 

Was  Isaan Awasthi  ( Yes, Tare Zammen Pe ) as a kid.  Curious to the core  ( recently came to know it is ADHD ). 

It let to me being confused all the time, but even in that confusion I was sure that I am not going to do anything which my family is doing. 

Quite early I got my clarity between “Just Surviving” and “Living a life”. 

To live my life, I played a lot of sports, even represented at in Basketball at National Level. 

After school moved to Delhi for Grads. My education I am a Statistician ( Yes, Stats Hons that also from Delhi University ). And DOACCE “A” Level, equivalent Bachelors in IT.

In third year lost my love for the Subject. Decided not to go for Masters.

Every single friend of mine joined MBA, I started working. 

Started as Software Developer, resigned in three months ( I still believe that another day code and I would have lost my brains ). When Software jobs were at peak I left the Domain.

Worked for couple of years into HR domain in Retail sector ( One of the most Dynamic sector I have worked till now )

Started traveling, the more I traveled the more opportunity I saw.

Started with Travel Venture ( only for genuine travelers and not tourists ), later it took shape into HomeStays and Rural Tourism. 

We did good, but failed after almost 18 months of operations. 

So was the destiny of my second Startup.

Third Time Lucky, raised and took exit. 

Took break and traveled again. 

Too keep myself busy, joined a multilateral development organization.

But as I was never meant to work around my Term of Reference. 

The prodigal son of Startup Ecosystem. 

Came back and Ecosystem embraced me with love and affection. 

Made my mission to develop entrepreneurial mindset in Indian Youth. Started Startup Monk, Startup School and Anywhere Acceleration Program ( AAP ) | not the political party 🙂  

The potential is huge, they just need to shed the fear of failure.

Working in the Ecosystem as startup advisor/consultant. 

Help First Time Founders / Early Stage Entrepreneurs with Validation | Incubation | Acceleration.

Holds seats in many Advisory Board. 

Tried my hand with Angel Investments, have some Startups in my portfolio. 

Mentor at IITs, IIMs, IIFT, IMT, DTU, etc.

Was Chair of the Jury Panel of Amazon SMBhav Awards ( The awards which was handed over by Jeff Bezos himself ). And part of many more Jury Panels of Investors Pitches, Incubation and Accelerators.

Spoke as Keynote at several events and Universities. Even at TEDx ( God it was a disaster ).

Well, more or less that me and my time of this lovely planet. 


Feedback & Reviews

It will blowing my own bigil, but dosen’t like good words said about them. It is human to love testimonial ( and I am one ).

” Attended this very informative workshop on Idea Validation from StartUp school which helped me get good idea about different aspects on how to evaluate your idea and work on it. Great content. Thanks to Sivesh for providing this platform to interact with experts and learn. “

Senior Software Engineer at Dell

” The training was a good forum to gain some insights from entrepreneurs themselves and a good forum to network. Happy to note Startup monk is available during our startup journey. “

Manager – Engineering Projects at Harsco Global Service Centre

” I always look up to mentors and always get guidance from them. In my journey of LinkedIn I came across one such person that – Sivesh Kumar.

He provides immense guidance and confidence to all newbies and other people who are looking to bring change in the society.”

Nidhi Shetty

Digital Marketing Specialist 

What Can I Do for You?

If you really believe that there is a consumer problem to be solved. I will sit with you, validate your Idea, Incubate your startup and further accelerate it.

Some have reading, some have traveling and some have fishing as a hobby. 

In my hobby time I raise startups.  

As First time founder / Early Stage Entrepreneur if you are stuck at any stage of starting up.

I can help you. 

I can help you with:

  • Idea Validation
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Modeling and Legal
  • Fundraising, Pitch Deck and Term Sheet

Need Advice?

You can either chose be part of one of our Workshops with brilliantly designed Q & A section or you can always book a call. 

Reach out.