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Basics of Fundraising Online Programme

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Only 8.3% of startups are successful in getting funding, says an annual report on Indian venture capital and private equity on startups released by IIT Madras. Mathematically it will be even less than one startup from every 10 startups. And for the next round, again the numbers are same. Rather negative i.e. 9 out of 10 funded startup fails to raise second round of funds and end up shutting down the venture.

So, what did they do right?

How did they attract investors to their business?

What did they do to persuade investors, both global and domestic, to sign them million-dollar cheques?

What were the factors that helped them clinch the deal?

Are these question keep you awake at night, dose you also get lost in fundraising language. Do valuation, Voting rights, Liq Pref, control, Term Sheet, Cap Table, pitching, types of funding, term sheets, and networking, to name a few words intimidate you.

And further creates obstacle in your fundraising efforts.

Find out all the answers related to fundraising in this course “Basics of Fundraising”.

This course is specially designed keeping First Time Founders / Early Stage Entrepreneurs in mind, who are ready to discover various funding options for their startup, the first-time entrepreneurs who are seeking financial growth in their business and for new entrepreneurs, either full-time or side-hustles, who are launching a new business and needing to secure funding for the launch.

It will help you with the understating of the Fundraising process, Understanding the Valuation of your venture, Pitch Deck preparation, and understanding of the Term Sheet.

Total of 10 hours of course material divided over 32 Lectures and two 2 hours Q & As every weekend.

We have poured down cumulative experience of 50 Startups years and some brilliant research by the team in creation of our courses.


Sivesh Kumar

Founder – Startup Monk | Startup School | TEDx Speaker

Skill Prodigy ( edtech ) : Advisory Board (Mar 2019 – Oct 2019)


SmallPaw : Mentor and Director (June 2020 – On going)


Machenlink : In our Incubation Programme ( 15 October 2020 )



  • Abhyuday, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Management ((IIM), Rohtak etc.

Investor Pitch Jury Member:

  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
  • Shiv Nadar University
  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT)
  • Delhi Technical University ( DTU ) etc.



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BONUS: List of Startup India Scheme for Startup

BONUS: List of Incubation Centers of India Who Incubate Idea Stage Startups.

BONUS: 50 business ideas for 2020

BONUS: Registration/Incorporation support from at Discounted rate Startup Monk Service Provider Partners

BONUS: Access to Startup Glossary to make your Startup Journey Easy

BONUS: Startup India approves Complete Contract Templates | Co-Founders Agreement, Partnership Contract, HR Templates

BONUS: As part of our alumni network, will get free passes ( worth INR 12 k for complete year ) to Monthly Guest sessions which we have with Entrepreneur and Investor community

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What Will You Learn?

  • Are you ready for the fundraising?
  • When to raise funds?
  • For what purpose to raise funds?
  • Who are Investors?
  • How they invest in Startups and at what stages?
  • Source of Fundraising/Funding the business.
  • How Valuation is done?
  • Understand Debt vs Equity Financing and Find Which Is Best for You

Course Content


  • Lesson 01 : Introduction
  • Lesson 02 : How Startup Ecosystem Works
  • Lesson 03 : Who are these Investors

Important Definations

Type of Financing | Equity, Debt, Convertible Notes ( SAFE Notes )

Why to raise and When to raise Funds.

Sources of Startup Funding

Pitch Deck

Advanced Pitching for Startups

Case Study | Pitch Deck

This lesson consists of everything to do with Valuation of your Startup.

Capitalization Table (or Cap Table)


Bonus : Fundraising | Warton School of Business

Startup Dictionary / Lingo

Basics of Fundraising | PPT

Pitch Deck Templates

Financial Model Template

General Templates

Angel Investors List
List of active Angel Investors with their Domain and LinkedIn Profile Links

List of Incubation Center

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2 years ago
Wonderful faculties and Extra ordinary guidance
2 years ago
Truly an "All in One Course", Strategically Developed, Very Useful - Thank You So Much
2 years ago
Course content and explanation was excellent. It will help to all understand the fundraising process...
2 years ago
Probably the best ₹777 I have invested. I am about to finish module 1 of the course and the content is excellent. Best topics are chosen and in the best order with very good explanation and real-life examples and cases. His personal takes are just the icing on the cake.
2 years ago
The best course I have come across. The efforts he has put in this course is Worthy investment. I will support this course as long as I can.
2 years ago
It gives deep insight into the startups and source of knowledge where we can skill ourselves and it breaks every wrong nosiness and belief of fundraising. Thank u sivesh
2 years ago
Worth more than a lakh rupees in market, salute to you Sir... This initiative will definitely help to improve the literacy level of startups in India..
2 years ago
2 years ago
Know yourself ( Venture ), fundraising will be much easier. What I learned from this course.
2 years ago
Thanks, Startup Monk. It will help a lot of First-time founders. I highly recommend this is course
I am more confused as I came to realise my venture doesn't fall into the startup category and chances of fundraising is next to impossible :(
2 years ago
2 years ago
I like Sivesh Sir videos more informative and easy to understand than the Warton Business school professors. It is all you need to know about fundraising. And the best was the disclaimer that Sivesh sir gave in the first video. The dark, brutal truth of the startup world.
2 years ago
It is simply worth awesome, sivesh gi is a dedicated teacher. Fee is peanut for this course.
2 years ago
Best learning course of Fundraisin all the concepts are covered in details its worth any time .... excellent work sivesh sir really thank you and appricate all your hard work
2 years ago
Being a newcomer, I couldn't have hoped for a better start to the Startup world!
2 years ago
Sivesh is great... He is just so patient ( one should see how he takes up questions in weekly Q & A sessions and in WhatsApp groups ) and full of enthusiasm to help out people in this startup ecosystem. The interaction with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and Investors made this course interesting.
2 years ago
Satisfied with the course mateial.
2 years ago
The templates provided are awesome and saved almost 50k of my money ( it is like a blessing at bootstrapping level )
2 years ago
They should also connect us to Investors. It will help to raise funds.